The awareness of dyslexia is so low - that the best thing we can do as a community is help others recognize it.  The HBO movie, below, is really the first film about it and hopefully will do for the dyslexia what Al Gore did for the environment in his film.   
The number of entrepreneurs that are dyslexic is absolutely staggering. Sine even put the number at over 50%.

The real question is why? What di people with dyslexia see that others do not. It does differ for each person - but the answer is ussually the ability to see and take in multiple things at once rather than process information in a linear way. Business is not linear.

Great story about a Dr. Toby Cosgrove and heart surgeon with Dyslexia - but can't pronounce or read peoples names.

According to the Yale Dyslexia Center, As CEO, Dr. Cosgrove presides over a $4.6 billion healthcare system comprised of the Cleveland Clinic, nine community hospitals, fourteen family health and ambulatory surgery centers, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Cleveland Clinic Toronto, and the developing Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.
More news about Steven Spielberg being dyslexic.  He continue to struggles with reading and writing, but have you seen Lincoln?  It's hard to believe that reading and writing don't come easily for one of the most creative artists in the world.  According to ADDConnect (
According to the Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg recently admitted to having dyslexia -- the first time he has publicly talked about it. "It was the last puzzle part in a tremendous mystery that I've kept to myself all these years," says the director in an interview on Diagnosed five years ago, Spielberg learned to read two years later than his classmates, who bullied him so much that he dreaded going to school.