If you did not catch the great piece in the NY Times about dyslexia, do so.  It's basically about the benefits of having dyslexia and the gift that it really is.
Last month, at the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Conference on Dyslexia and Talent, I watched several neurobiologists present evidence that the dyslexic brain, which processes information in a unique way, may impart particular strengths. Studies using cognitive testing and functional M.R.I.’s have demonstrated exceptional three-dimensional and spatial reasoning among dyslexic individuals, which may account for the many successful dyslexic engineers. Similar studies have shown increased creativity and big-picture thinking (or “gist-detection”) in dyslexics, which correlates with the surprising number of dyslexic entrepreneurs, novelists and filmmakers.
You can read more about Blake Charlton - by going to http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/23/opinion/defining-my-own-dyslexia.html?_r=0