There are so many successful people with Dyslexia, that I am never surprised anymore by them.  One of them is the Secretary of Education of South Carolina, Mr Ed Zais who could not read until he was in 9th grade.  Incredible. 

As Zais "Education is like law and medicine … every person is different and must be treated differently,” Zais said.   Zais, who said he wasn’t able to read until ninth grade because of dyslexia, said he learned to read using comic books, because the images helped him begin to better understand words.

You can

If you are a high school senior with dyslexia or another learning disability, then we'd love you to consider the Pardon my Spelling scholarship.

Scholarship details
Amount:   $500
Deadline:  October  1,  2011
Application Availability: Open to apply today Number of
Awards:  1
Eligibility: Student must be a senior in high school and have been diagnosed with dylexia or another learning disabilty and must be entering a post seconday education facility in 2012.
Application Overview:  Students
must submit three short essays for all three questions (below) and submit their GPA.
Essay question #1: 100 words or  less
Describe how were able to overcome your dyslexia or learnig disability?
Essay question #2: 100 words or  less
What is the best thing about having dyslexia or a learning disability?
Essay question #3: 100 words or less
How do you plan on positively impacting the world in the future?

Submit essay and GPA to: 
There is no application packet for this award. Be sure to include your full name as well as the name of the school you are attending in 2010/11 and your plans for 2011/12.
The LiveScribe Pen is another incredible invention to help students.  It's pretty simple really.  A students uses the pen to write notes, and while they are writing, the pen records the lecture from the teacher.  When the student is reveiwing their notes and wants to hear what the teacher was saying at that point in their notes, they simply touch the pen to their notes and listen to the recording.  Simple and amazing.
Henry Winkler, the actor, is one of the most famous outspoken dyslexics.  Apparenelty he struggled in school, a lot, but found success in acting.  In 2003, he started a book series called Hank Zipzer, about  kid in elemtary school who has a learning disability - but he is also very smart, creative and resourceful. 

Go to to learn more about the books.
I don't know how many times I have misspelled things in important emails, memos or paper.  Like most other people, I use Microsoft word which has been great for checking my spelling, but the grammar check has never been very good.  So I simply struggled with it.  Recently I have come across another Microsoft product called Ghotit that looks fantastic.  It is exactly what a dyslexic needs - beyond spell check. 

Check it out.
HBO has put out a new movie in Dyslexia, and it's about time.  Dyslexia is so poorly understand by most of the world.  "Isn't that when you reverse letters?" they usually ask.  That could be part of it, but obviously there is more to it.   The movie is titled Journey into Dyslexia.  

You can read more about the movie by going to
Another great tool is the Intel Reader whihc actually takes a picture of text and then reads it.  Very incredible stuff developed by and for a dyslexic himself names Ben Foss.

According to Ben, "That led me to invent the Intel Reader. For me it is a ramp into a book. Independent research suggests that kids with dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities  can improve their reading comprehension test scores by up to 23% when using the Intel Reader. These days GE and Intel are selling the product through a joint company called Care Innovations."

You can read the whole article by

Below is video that shows what it can do.
For those of you looking for technology to help, look no further than The Reading Pen.  It's a portable learning tool designed for students of a second-language as well as for children and adults with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia). The perfect solution for increasing reading autonomy and fluency, and enhancing text comprehension.

You can easily scan text or insert it using the touch screen and virtual keyboard, hear it spoken aloud and obtain definition, translation, spelling, syllabication and correct pronunciation within seconds. All looked-up words can be transferred to the PC for further practice. Text can also be uploaded from the PC onto this fully mobile, lightweight Pen, and can be read aloud wherever you are.

You can find the details at  Prices are between $200 and $400, but well worth the money.
There are a number of interesting studies that suggest that a starring number of sucessful entrparenuers are dyslexic. 

According to NY Times Article "The report, compiled by Julie Logan, a professor of entrepreneurship at the Cass Business School in London, found that more than a third of the entrepreneurs she had surveyed — 35 percent — identified themselves as dyslexic. The study also concluded that dyslexics were more likely than nondyslexics to delegate authority, to excel in oral communication and problem solving and were twice as likely to own two or more businesses."

The key to being a successful adult in your career is to find the right job - as not every job is a great fit.
This is one of my all time videos.  As most of us know, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.  Those with LD will likely wish is would simply go away, while at other times be greatful for the gift they have recieved to see things that others cannot.  The list of talented innovators goes on and on.  Below is a great video that shows some of these great people. 

I hope you enjoy.