There are so many successful people with Dyslexia, that I am never surprised anymore by them.  One of them is the Secretary of Education of South Carolina, Mr Ed Zais who could not read until he was in 9th grade.  Incredible. 

As Zais "Education is like law and medicine … every person is different and must be treated differently,” Zais said.   Zais, who said he wasn’t able to read until ninth grade because of dyslexia, said he learned to read using comic books, because the images helped him begin to better understand words.

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This is one of my all time videos.  As most of us know, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.  Those with LD will likely wish is would simply go away, while at other times be greatful for the gift they have recieved to see things that others cannot.  The list of talented innovators goes on and on.  Below is a great video that shows some of these great people. 

I hope you enjoy.
There are so famous people with dyslexia, but one of my favorites is Richard branson who is one of the great business leaders and visonaries of our time.  While he struggled in school, he started his business at 16 and recognized a business need that no one else could see.