Nobody know for sure what the cause of Dyslexia is and how is can be solved.  But there is new research to suggest that people with Dyslexia are not able to filter s well as others.  In particular, people with Dyslexia often times have a hard time filtering out noise.

According to Dr. Beattie, "these findings support a relatively new theory, namely that dyslexic individuals do not completely filter out irrelevant information when attending to letters and sounds. This external noise exclusion deficit could lead to the creation of inaccurate representations of words and phonemes and ultimately, to the characteristic reading and phonological awareness impairments observed in dyslexia."   Read more: High Background Noise Levels More Troublesome in Dyslexic Adults | MedIndia

Of course every dyslexic is a little different, but it might be worth a try to find a very quiet place to work, read or write and see if it helps.

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