Another great success story.  Philip Shultz is a Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry.  There is a great article in the NY Times about him, and how he did not know he was dyslexic until he was an adult and his son was diagnosed as being dyslexic.  This, as many of us know, is a very common story. 

In the article he writes  "I WAS well into middle age when one of my children, then in the second grade, was found to be dyslexic. I had never known the name for it, but I recognized immediately that the symptoms were also mine. When I was his age I’d already all but given up on myself. "

You can read more the whole article by going to http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/04/opinion/sunday/with-dyslexia-words-failed-me-and-then-saved-me.html?_r=1.

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