As we all know, many, if not most of the most creative people in the world have dyslexia or some other learning disorder.  At the top of the list is Steven Spielberg - perhaps the finest film maker in the last 30 years.    Like many adults, he was not diagnosed until he was an adult and took her own child in to be tested to reading problems.

In an article in the Montgomery News he talks about about his struggles with reading - and he he overcome it by focusing what he was good at.   "It is something that I have had since I was a child," he explained. "It was not fun to go to elementary school and having other students and teachers not understand my reading problems."  Today, " [I have] accommodated my life to the challenges of dyslexia and I feel very proud of that. When you are a child you have to achieve a different balance when you find yourself to be dyslexic."

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